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Usually children start to attend music school at the same age and educational or even a little early. And scientists from the U.S. believe that it is possible to start actively doing music in high school – it’s good for brain development. Of course, the person who first picked up a musical instrument at the […]

Neonatologists now even even extremely premature babies is often possible to save even those who were born in the middle of the pregnancy weighing less than 400 g. No contact with the mother can be compensated to such children through music. Deeply premature infants for many weeks, forced to remain in special incubators, closed cell, […]

Speaking about the constant increase in the incidence of cardiovascular diseases, which are the main cause of death of our contemporaries, physicians don’t forget to mention this “silent killer” as arterial hypertension. Higher blood pressure is one of the major risk factors of such dangerous diseases as myocardial infarction and stroke. Japanese researchers have discovered […]

Music will bring… to diabetes!

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Many of our contemporaries (and not only young) do not part with headphones, because the music in particular, helps to overcome daily stress. But, it turns out that melodies can be lower and, consequently, to increase hunger and affect the attraction to sweet and fatty food. British scientists have discovered a phenomenon that they called […]

American scientists have urged men to take more responsibility for the choice of the size of the condom, reports the BBC. Experts from the University of Kentucky (University of Kentucky) examined the negative consequences of not using proper size of condoms. Will help you cialis. Report on the study published in the journal Sexually Transmitted […]

Erection disorder component copulative cycle

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Diagnosis is based on a mix of parallel reduction of both spontaneous and adequate erections with local (focal) symptoms of spinal cord lesions or vascular apparatus penis (confirm endouretralnye thermometry, measurement panelnogo blood pressure, intensity of local blood flow, reovasographiya, falloprotezirovaniya and invasive rentgenovskaya arterial vessels and the cavernous bodies of the penis). Will help […]

Big nose men recognized the sign of sexuality

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The common opinion that the shape of the nose men can be judged on his sexual abilities that improve cialis found support from science. The representatives of one international British universities have provided data that prove the reliability of this judgment.

Children tolerate the pain much worse adults to unpleasant sensations mixed with fear. Scientists claim that the sounds of pleasant music in the treatment, handling and dressing of pediatric clinics significantly ease the suffering of young patients. At any children’s clinic has a simple set of toys made of rubber or plastic, through which doctors […]

During the first 6 months of this year, two groups of scientists from the United States independently of one another have conducted studies on the impact of music on the outcome of the surgery. The results of the research were mutually exclusive. Scientists from the University of Texas at Galveston (University of Texas at Galveston) […]

Scientists from different countries are repeatedly published the results of their research, which allegedly confirmed the widespread belief that music lessons promote intellectual development. Researchers from the United States consider this view misleading. Exposing the myth about the positive impact of music on children’s intelligence was carried out by scientists from Harvard University (Harvard University). […]