Month: May 2017

It turns out that such people are just always decide to do one more thing before leaving. To such conclusion scientists from the University of Washington. Experts told how to handle it, writes The Daily Mail. Cause of chronic tardiness are problems with prospective memory, associated with time. It is responsible for memories about the […]

Each musical instrument has a unique vibration frequency characteristics, and has a healing effect on the organs and systems of the human body. Thanks to the numerous researches of scientists-physicists, therapists, virologists, immunologists, etc., installed following the beneficial effects on the body: violin, and all stringed instruments, heals the soul, playing upon its strings, normalizes […]

How to restore health through music

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Music is an integral part of modern culture. Every day we are listening to music, choosing them according to their own taste, hum melodies and sometimes play instruments. But did you know that music can heal man? Many studies have confirmed the healing effects of harmonious sounds is the state of mind and the whole […]

The sounds that we hear constantly (the noise of the wind, the sound of falling water, chirping of birds), for the believer – is the expression of divine perfection, to the unbeliever it is only natural noises. But music is an art and a slender consonant combinations of sounds, is beauty, is manifested in these […]

Music therapy

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Each of us has a favorite melody while listening to music of the most widespread Hobbies in the world. There are millions of people who start and end their day listening to music. Music is everywhere and always, but few, perhaps, who knows about the power of music. Music therapy has long been used to […]

The influence of music on human health

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Man is always surrounded by sounds. In prehistoric times man was surrounded by the sounds of nature: the noise of the waterfall, the rustle of leaves, singing of birds. Now in their place came the noise of the city. Each individual perceives sounds differently, based on acquired experience. Each separate sound affects person differently. According […]