Month: August 2017

Music: effective medicine available to all

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As you know, music is one of the most common means of relaxation, or, conversely, charging the body with energy. However, young science music therapy – the music holds much more hope than a simple relaxation or energy charge. Scientists claim that music is able to overcome a deep depression, and even help cure cancer. […]

Music makes the heart beat stronger

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According to the results of a new study, an effective medicine for people who survived heart attack are the sound of music. Scientists say that music can significantly speed up the rehabilitation process of the patient. As shown by the analysis conducted at the University of Helsinki (Helsinki University), if the patient survived a heart […]

Whatever music you may have listened to Bach, Michael Jackson or Eminem, it can help you to more successfully survive the surgery and recover from it. Researchers in the UK think that music can be used as a method of anesthesia and postoperative therapy. “Music is non-invasive, cheap and safe method of therapy that is […]

Premature babies needed

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Music is increasingly used in neonatal departments where patients are too small to be given regular painkillers. Scientists have found that playing music to premature babies helps them cope with pain and reduces stress. In the study, researchers used data from nine of the works conducted in 1989-2006. The results were published in the journal […]