Month: September 2017

Many parents send their children to music schools, not in the hope that their offspring will become great musicians. Intuition does not deceive adults, music lessons are beneficial to the mental abilities of children. Researchers from the US found that regular music lessons in childhood show a positive effect many decades later. Scientists from northwestern […]

Scientists have discovered the therapeutic properties of classical music. And in this case we are talking about the treatment of patients with mental disorders (e.g., depression), and somatic diseases such as arterial hypertension. British researchers claim that high blood pressure can decrease under the influence of the enchanting sounds of classical music. However, they are […]

Music and autopsy boils: what is common

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Surgeons have not only the most difficult of organ transplants or the removal of cancer – many workers of the scalpel have to do more mundane things. Soon outpatient surgery come to the aid of music. British researchers claim that the introduction of ambulatory surgical practice music has a calming effect on patients who are […]

Music like babies more than it

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Small children are born with an innate sense of rhythm. They feel the rhythm, they find music more interesting than human speech. Professional dancers invited by the researchers as consultants, confirmed by the undoubted presence in infants of a sense of rhythm. The hearing (after the vision) is a critical factor for the proper development […]

Live music is a great tool for relieving stress

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Music is an integral part of our existence as it is able to deliver a special aesthetic pleasure that can survive only in the people and unusual animals. However, this choice dramatically reduces the level of stress hormones. Positive effect nice melodic music to health has been discovered by psychologists and psychiatrists for a long […]