A new device for the treatment of impotence brought spouses to court

A very interesting case was discussed on the tel Aviv court for family issues. 40-year-old female came here with a lawsuit, demanding to cement the exclusive right to manufacture and sell the device for the treatment of impotence. She, in her words, invented. Killing demoly about treatment and purchase of drugs like viagra, cialis, kamagra in online pharmacy such as ed4man.com .

During the first trial, the woman said that for many years her husband was a great husband and father. The only thing that marred their life together and deprived her of true joy – the problems with potency, which affect man. Several years ago she came up with the idea of a device that would help men to cope with this problem.

Spouses to create such a device went abroad, and there were his jointly develop together with a certain inventor, at the same time conducting tests. The idea was great, the device helped, and the couple decided to engage in its mass production, but… Alas, after the issue of potency disappeared from their lives, they realized that their relationship came to an end.

And now the woman claims that are ready to share the copyright in this unique invention from a foreign inventor — but not with the former spouse. The latter, speaking in court, said his ex-wife move understandable financial interests: the device was recently launched (not in Israel and abroad), its sales have already begun to produce tens of thousands of shekels in net profit per month. The debate over money, according to the man, and brought them to divorce.

However, he categorically rejected the allegation that his wife is the sole author of the invention. And certainly he did not agree that it should belong the exclusive right on its production and marketing.

“Together we searched for solutions to my problems. Then I participated in the creation of the device. And, most importantly, tested it on me, on my body! So by what right I want to deny any relationship to this invention?!” – asks the man. Lawyer Sheeran Soltan, representing his interests, said that her client has all the evidence that he most directly involved as to the invention of the device, and launch it into production. But the woman says that during testing of the instrument she played the role of “Guinea pig” no less than a spouse — but this role does not give the right to be called the author of the invention.

To decide who in this case is right, will the court.


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