About the human psyche will tell you its playlist than medical records, are sure doctors

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Taste in music can say a lot about his mental health, experts say. Brain scans showed how neurons respond to different types of music and how it affects the regulation of emotions, reports The Hans India.

It is known that inadequate regulation of mood threatens by number of mental disorders including depression. While music has been proven to significantly affect emotions. Music therapy has even helped some to overcome depression. But, as a rule, people choose what music they listen to, unwittingly interfering in the process of regulation of emotions.

Experts from the University of jyväskylä, Aalto University and University of Aarhus analyzed the relationship between mental status, musical preference and neural response to music. Basing on the combination of data on behavior and brain activation of a group of volunteers.

Is there a way of taking negative emotions, known as the constant “chewing” in the minds of the source of negative emotions. And is an indicator of poor mental condition. It appeared, likewise, there are some types of music. So, people who experience negative emotions, subsequently reacted negatively to aggressive and sad songs.

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