As music can be a pain reliever with no side effects

Children tolerate the pain much worse adults to unpleasant sensations mixed with fear. Scientists claim that the sounds of pleasant music in the treatment, handling and dressing of pediatric clinics significantly ease the suffering of young patients.

At any children’s clinic has a simple set of toys made of rubber or plastic, through which doctors and nurses are even slightly able to reassure the sick children, experiencing a lot of stress (and sometimes pain) when carrying out procedures.

Canadian scientists report that nice soft music being played in such hospital environments has on children, sedative and some degree of analgesic effects.
This eliminates the need to use toys that require daily, time-consuming process of disinfection.

The authors of the study, the staff of the medical faculty of the University of Alberta (University of Alberta) observed 42 children aged 3 to 11 years who were assigned to intravenous injection of drugs.

Half of the children examination and subsequent conduct of this manipulation took place under a specially-chosen background music and the other half of the participants injection was performed with no musical background.
The level of pain and the degree of stress was determined using a special scale after a survey of children.

Most of the children from the first group, these figures were significantly lower than in subjects who, during manipulations were deprived of the opportunity to listen to music.

In addition, nurses who conducted the injection, have reported that this manipulation did not cause them any difficulties in 76% of cases, when music sounded, and only 38% of cases, when the injection was performed without musical accompaniment.

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