Balding men are not afraid of even impotence

Probably since the emergence of the pharmacies of the legendary “Viagra” men of the world have not experienced such elation after the introduction into medical practice of the drug finasteride. A dream come true – many bald representatives of the “strong half” of the human race, shortly after taking the drug showed hair growth on the turtles, bald before that for a considerable number of years. The portal reports it Seemed that the cure for baldness finally found, if not one “but” – on the part of men hair restoration was accompanied by the disappearance of erection.

History of the drug finasteride (finasteride, trade name in USA “Propecia”) brings to mind the Russian proverb, “out of the frying pan into the fire”, “between two fires” and the like. In fact – kompleksuya about his baldness women, bald men get a surge of positive emotions, starting to take finasteride, along with the new hair comes confidence, but along with it goes something else, no less important.

According to scientific data from the 1st of the 80 men who took the drug, develops persistent erectile dysfunction, formerly a well-known word “impotence”. It turns out that the prettier thanks to fresh hairline male ready on the wings to fly love out and fly-it turns out nothing…

Argentinean scholar, josé Manuel Mella (Mella and José Manuel), conducting a study of the effectiveness of finasteride, and found this fatal number: 1 of 80 loses the ability to love. Professor Mella, who works at the Hospital Alemán in Buenos Aires, studied data from 12 other scholarly works on finasteride, with information on the results of the use of the drug in 3 927 men.

Increased hair on the head was 30% after 2 years of taking the drug, and that is remarkable – even the development of impotence, could not get men to stop taking the medication. The fact that after discontinuation of finasteride erection is restored.

In doses of 1 mg finasteride is used to treat baldness, in dose of 5 mg turns into a hormonal drug for the treatment of prostate cancer.

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