Best drugs for high blood pressure: good music and a hearty laugh

Speaking about the constant increase in the incidence of cardiovascular diseases, which are the main cause of death of our contemporaries, physicians don’t forget to mention this “silent killer” as arterial hypertension. Higher blood pressure is one of the major risk factors of such dangerous diseases as myocardial infarction and stroke. Japanese researchers have discovered curative effect that can have on blood pressure with music and laughter. Nice melody and good humor not only improve mood, but also help to reduce high blood pressure in individuals of middle and old age.

Scientists from the University medical center in the Japanese city of Osaka (Osaka University’s Graduate School of Medicine in Japan) divided the 79 participants aged 40 to 74 years in 3 groups.

The first group every day for two weeks listening to music 1 hour a day, the second group listened and watched performances of comedians and Comedy, and the third group was the control and its members affected were not exposed.

All subjects were regularly measured blood pressure and the first and second groups before the sessions music and studying and after them.

In the “music” group pressure declined an average of 6 mm Hg after treatment, and the “humorous” group, this decrease was 7 mm Hg.

In the control group, no changes in blood pressure were noted.

“We also found that those participants who listened to music and watched comedies, significantly decreased levels of the hormone cortisol, a marker of stress, which may be one reason for the lower blood pressure,” explains Professor Eguchi Erie (Eri Eguchi), co-author of scientific work.

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