Big nose men recognized the sign of sexuality

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The common opinion that the shape of the nose men can be judged on his sexual abilities that improve cialis found support from science. The representatives of one international British universities have provided data that prove the reliability of this judgment.

Staff at University College London conducted a survey with the participation of 1,600 women, who, at the request of researchers to fill in anonymous questionnaires. “They were asked to fill in anonymous questionnaires, where it was necessary to describe the shape of the nose of your partner in bed”, – told about this experiment by the authors.

According to them, the information was confirmation of the fact that men with big noses can be really tireless lovers. Scientists explain such a relationship the fact that a large nose allows its possessor to breathe in more oxygen, which activates the blood flow, providing a stable potency.

At the same time experts have stated that owners of small delicate noses can be incredibly passionate, though, at first glance, they have to lag behind big-nosed. However, women’s responses confirmed improved activity of men with small noses in search of sexual pleasures.

Researchers believe that this feature is a kind of compensation for the inability to sustain intercourse for a long time. If a man with a large nose may take time to implement frictions, the man with a small nose would prefer to increase self-esteem due to the large number of partners, in favor of sexologists.

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