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Speaking about the constant increase in the incidence of cardiovascular diseases, which are the main cause of death of our contemporaries, physicians don’t forget to mention this “silent killer” as arterial hypertension. Higher blood pressure is one of the major risk factors of such dangerous diseases as myocardial infarction and stroke. Japanese researchers have discovered […]

Music will bring… to diabetes!

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Many of our contemporaries (and not only young) do not part with headphones, because the music in particular, helps to overcome daily stress. But, it turns out that melodies can be lower and, consequently, to increase hunger and affect the attraction to sweet and fatty food. British scientists have discovered a phenomenon that they called […]

Erection disorder component copulative cycle

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Diagnosis is based on a mix of parallel reduction of both spontaneous and adequate erections with local (focal) symptoms of spinal cord lesions or vascular apparatus penis (confirm endouretralnye thermometry, measurement panelnogo blood pressure, intensity of local blood flow, reovasographiya, falloprotezirovaniya and invasive rentgenovskaya arterial vessels and the cavernous bodies of the penis). Will help […]

Children tolerate the pain much worse adults to unpleasant sensations mixed with fear. Scientists claim that the sounds of pleasant music in the treatment, handling and dressing of pediatric clinics significantly ease the suffering of young patients. At any children’s clinic has a simple set of toys made of rubber or plastic, through which doctors […]

Many parents send their children to music schools, not in the hope that their offspring will become great musicians. Intuition does not deceive adults, music lessons are beneficial to the mental abilities of children. Researchers from the US found that regular music lessons in childhood show a positive effect many decades later. Scientists from northwestern […]

Live music is a great tool for relieving stress

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Music is an integral part of our existence as it is able to deliver a special aesthetic pleasure that can survive only in the people and unusual animals. However, this choice dramatically reduces the level of stress hormones. Positive effect nice melodic music to health has been discovered by psychologists and psychiatrists for a long […]

The music quality in earphones of modern smartphones is so high that the music “on the go” began to listen, even owners of gadgets in age. Meanwhile, the constant and loud music can cause great harm to hearing. British researchers warn that a significant portion of music lovers, which can not be attributed to youth, […]

Have you ever accidentally dropped your headphones while listening to music? What happens when the music stops? Psychologists believe that while listening to music our brain constantly predicts what will happen next. However, the expectations of the brain will be different depending on the musical experience of a person. Researchers Marcus Pearce (Marcus Pearce), Ceren […]

Opera is music for the heart

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Listening to arias by Puccini from the Opera Turandot performed by Pavarotti helps patients to recover faster after a stroke. Some types of music can slow the heart rate and lowering blood pressure, scientists say. Dr. Luciano Bernardi (Bernardi Luciano), together with colleagues from the University of Pavia (Italy), asked 24 healthy volunteers to listen […]

Music makes the heart beat stronger

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According to the results of a new study, an effective medicine for people who survived heart attack are the sound of music. Scientists say that music can significantly speed up the rehabilitation process of the patient. As shown by the analysis conducted at the University of Helsinki (Helsinki University), if the patient survived a heart […]