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Our pupils dilate when we listen to music that makes us strong emotions. By measuring the width of the pupil, it is possible to understand how a person relates to a particular composition. In addition, the music man, helps him to remember more information, says The Daily Mail. In the study, researchers from the University […]

Music therapy – myth or reality?

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Many love music, but not everyone knows about its medicinal properties. In ancient times it was used to get rid of various ailments, as it causes the particular vibration which creates the aura that have a beneficial effect on the nervous system. Each piece emits its own energy, so it is important to choose the […]

Why and how music heals?

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Music causes different emotions and feelings, it can calm or excite, to make you cry or cheer. People often use these features of the music. But not many people know that music can “take” like a pill, headache, insomnia, nervousness or excess weight. Between medicine and the healing music have a lot in common, they […]

Why music starts unbearably sore head, and from another, on the contrary, increases mood and well-being? By posing this question, “the House of the Soviets” decided to investigate the effect of music on behavior, mood and health to give a lot of useful tips on how to use music to learn how to get rid […]

The sound of music or noise can greatly affect the mood and emotions of a person. According to scientists, it’s in the effect on dopamine. This neurotransmitter is closely linked with emotional behavior and regulation of mood, writes The Times of India. Differences in dopamine receptor can identify the unique characteristics and reactions of each […]

Researchers from the Moscow IVF clinic included radioshow A State Of Trance DJ Armin van Buuren near 758 embryos in a Petri dish. Music played 24 hours a day. Still 758 embryos were in silence. By the end of the experiment, embryos were one fifth more in the room with music, reports The Daily Mail. […]

A new study conducted at West Virginia University showed that meditation and listening to music helped people with subjective cognitive impairment. Such violations are often a precursor to dementia, reports Zee News. The study involved 60 older people. Volunteers were divided into two groups. For 12 weeks at 12 minutes a day the first group […]

It turns out that such people are just always decide to do one more thing before leaving. To such conclusion scientists from the University of Washington. Experts told how to handle it, writes The Daily Mail. Cause of chronic tardiness are problems with prospective memory, associated with time. It is responsible for memories about the […]

Each musical instrument has a unique vibration frequency characteristics, and has a healing effect on the organs and systems of the human body. Thanks to the numerous researches of scientists-physicists, therapists, virologists, immunologists, etc., installed following the beneficial effects on the body: violin, and all stringed instruments, heals the soul, playing upon its strings, normalizes […]

How to restore health through music

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Music is an integral part of modern culture. Every day we are listening to music, choosing them according to their own taste, hum melodies and sometimes play instruments. But did you know that music can heal man? Many studies have confirmed the healing effects of harmonious sounds is the state of mind and the whole […]