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Usually children start to attend music school at the same age and educational or even a little early. And scientists from the U.S. believe that it is possible to start actively doing music in high school – it’s good for brain development. Of course, the person who first picked up a musical instrument at the […]

Neonatologists now even even extremely premature babies is often possible to save even those who were born in the middle of the pregnancy weighing less than 400 g. No contact with the mother can be compensated to such children through music. Deeply premature infants for many weeks, forced to remain in special incubators, closed cell, […]

Scientists from different countries are repeatedly published the results of their research, which allegedly confirmed the widespread belief that music lessons promote intellectual development. Researchers from the United States consider this view misleading. Exposing the myth about the positive impact of music on children’s intelligence was carried out by scientists from Harvard University (Harvard University). […]

Music like babies more than it

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Small children are born with an innate sense of rhythm. They feel the rhythm, they find music more interesting than human speech. Professional dancers invited by the researchers as consultants, confirmed by the undoubted presence in infants of a sense of rhythm. The hearing (after the vision) is a critical factor for the proper development […]

Music can cause headaches in teenagers?

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Teenagers listen to music more hours a day were also more young people suffer from headaches, say researchers from Germany. As for computer games, cell phones, or watching TV, these relationships were not found. German scientists came to the conclusion that teenagers who listen to music more than one hour a day, more often complain […]

Canadian psychologists have found that listening to music produces in the human a stimulant effect – improving its performance, and both mental and physical. However, the positive effects of listening to music “evaporates” in just 10 minutes after she stopped. Powerful long-term effect occurs only when a person actively learns to play any instrument- have […]

Premature babies needed

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Music is increasingly used in neonatal departments where patients are too small to be given regular painkillers. Scientists have found that playing music to premature babies helps them cope with pain and reduces stress. In the study, researchers used data from nine of the works conducted in 1989-2006. The results were published in the journal […]