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Music for the deaf – it is possible

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The combination of cochlear implants and hearing AIDS allow people with partial hearing loss to hear better music, says scientists from the University of Melbourne. “Not everyone understands that sometimes it’s better to use a cochlear implant and a hearing aid together to improve hearing in General and to give people the opportunity to enjoy […]

Kidney removal causes impotence

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Nature has duplicated in the human body is such an important organ, like the kidney. This facilitates the task of the doctors in the treatment of severe diseases. But researchers found a distant unpleasant side effect of radical nephrectomy. In modern clinics the surgery complete removal of the kidney is now often carried out […]

Music: effective medicine available to all

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As you know, music is one of the most common means of relaxation, or, conversely, charging the body with energy. However, young science music therapy – the music holds much more hope than a simple relaxation or energy charge. Scientists claim that music is able to overcome a deep depression, and even help cure cancer. […]

The influence of classical music on people

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The influence classical music has long been proven by scientists, there is a huge amount of experimental evidence that classical music has a beneficial effect on the human body. When listening to young children the music of the great Austrian composer Mozart, children are developed faster intellectually. In the Soviet chargé, it was observed that […]

Scientists have discovered how early children on the stage of fetal development begin to respond to external stimuli. It turns out that the fetus responds to music already in the 16th week of development, according to This is much earlier than previously thought. Experts examined the movement 106 children at 14-39 weeks of fetal […]

Our pupils dilate when we listen to music that makes us strong emotions. By measuring the width of the pupil, it is possible to understand how a person relates to a particular composition. In addition, the music man, helps him to remember more information, says The Daily Mail. In the study, researchers from the University […]

Taste in music can say a lot about his mental health, experts say. Brain scans showed how neurons respond to different types of music and how it affects the regulation of emotions, reports The Hans India. It is known that inadequate regulation of mood threatens by number of mental disorders including depression. While music has […]

Rap songs make teenagers have sex

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Disputes about how movies and music affect children, have been conducted for a long time. It turns out that because of the REP before teenagers start having sex and drinking alcohol. Researchers from the University of Texas for two years, followed by 443 students. Volunteers reported how often they listened to rap music. The scientists […]

Scientists from the University of Washington often advise parents to enable their children to classical music. It turns out that it helps to develop language skills. The study involved 39 infants at the age of 9 months. 20 participants entered in the experimental group and 19 in the control, according to Modern Readers. Children from […]

Researchers from McMaster University tested the hearing of the 170 volunteers ranging in age from 11 to 17 years. The study showed that many young people listening to very loud music at parties, in clubs or on their autoscrollbar. At least 28% of the participants suffered from a constant ringing or noise in the ears […]