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Genetics and music merged into a powerful diagnostic tool which will significantly improve the detection of diseases, writes The Daily Mail. And in music, and in the genes there are repetitions and a finite number of options (four base pairs in the genes and twelve notes in music). Based on this knowledge, the scientists turned […]

But rock distracts them from the game and bothers to win. A woman’s chances of victory because of the music don’t change, and they generally win more often. It found staff at Imperial College London and the Royal College of music. Scientists have proposed 352 visitors to the annual science festival to play the Board […]

The sound of music or noise can greatly affect the mood and emotions of a person. According to scientists, it’s in the effect on dopamine. This neurotransmitter is closely linked with emotional behavior and regulation of mood, writes The Times of India. Differences in dopamine receptor can identify the unique characteristics and reactions of each […]

According to rough estimates, from specific musical anhedonia suffer 3-5% of the population. These people are not able to get pleasure from music. Specialists from McGill University found what is the reason, says The Hindustan Times. The study involved 45 people. Volunteers listened to musical passages in the process of an fMRI scan of the […]