Category: The impact of music on patients

During the first 6 months of this year, two groups of scientists from the United States independently of one another have conducted studies on the impact of music on the outcome of the surgery. The results of the research were mutually exclusive. Scientists from the University of Texas at Galveston (University of Texas at Galveston) […]

Music and autopsy boils: what is common

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Surgeons have not only the most difficult of organ transplants or the removal of cancer – many workers of the scalpel have to do more mundane things. Soon outpatient surgery come to the aid of music. British researchers claim that the introduction of ambulatory surgical practice music has a calming effect on patients who are […]

It is possible that soon the American Coloproctology will be encouraged to listen to during the inspection of patients of the immortal Mozart. Very serious scientific research has revealed that music increased the accuracy of diagnosis of polyps. In the US, colorectal cancer ranks third in incidence. Meanwhile, with timely diagnosis and timely treatment, the […]

Whatever music you may have listened to Bach, Michael Jackson or Eminem, it can help you to more successfully survive the surgery and recover from it. Researchers in the UK think that music can be used as a method of anesthesia and postoperative therapy. “Music is non-invasive, cheap and safe method of therapy that is […]