Classical music helps men to win at board games

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But rock distracts them from the game and bothers to win. A woman’s chances of victory because of the music don’t change, and they generally win more often. It found staff at Imperial College London and the Royal College of music. Scientists have proposed 352 visitors to the annual science festival to play the Board game “Operation”, writes The Daily Mail.

Study participants used the tweezers to get the tiny details of the holes in the body of the “patient” without touching the sides of the hole. The researchers monitored the number of errors volunteers. Also, participants were given headphones so they during the game, listened to one of three audio recordings (“Andante” from Sonata for two pianos Mozart, the song “Thunderstruck” of AC/DC or sounds operating).

The experiment showed that music affects the productivity of men. Volunteers, listening to AC/DC, perform actions more slowly and made more errors than those who listened to Mozart or sounds of the operating room. Men who have the headphones sounded the song “Thunderstruck”, the average was made 36 errors, and participants who listened to other audio – 28. To perform the task (deletion of three items) the men took about one minute.

Productivity and speed of the fair sex from music is not dependent. Women spent more time on this task, although we made fewer mistakes. According to the researchers, it is likely that men rock music causes more severe auditory stress (a condition provoked by the loud and discordant sounds) compared to women. Also, scientists discovered the important role played by musical tastes. So, the music of Mozart has reduced the number of errors only to those men that she liked.

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