Erection disorder component copulative cycle

Diagnosis is based on a mix of parallel reduction of both spontaneous and adequate erections with local (focal) symptoms of spinal cord lesions or vascular apparatus penis (confirm endouretralnye thermometry, measurement panelnogo blood pressure, intensity of local blood flow, reovasographiya, falloprotezirovaniya and invasive rentgenovskaya arterial vessels and the cavernous bodies of the penis). Will help you cialis generico in farmacia.


In vascular forms use different techniques angiosurgery (aimed at strengthening of arterial inflow or venous outflow restriction), or implantation of internal prostheses. In the initial stages of moderate local vascular insufficiency can achieve functional stabilization timely application pneumomassage by LD (local decompression). When spinal forms in the acute period may require a surgical intervention was laminectomy for tumor removal or for meningoradiculitis, in the period of stabilization, along with General rehabilitation (training, self-service, independent movement, etc.) local physiotherapy and medication (mud rectal swabs, segmental massage, acupuncture, or endokrinnye endolumbalnoe the introduction of proserina-strannovat mix), sexual reeducate (training methods of mechanical stimulation of the erogenous zones in the optimal rhythm and finding the most comfortable positions for intercourse), and in some cases the use of removable prostheses (erectors).

Impotence – inability of men to sexual intercourse or to achieve sexual satisfaction, their partner, the Development of impotence is most often due to erectile dysfunction (its weakening), of ejaculation (acceleration or delay) and a decrease in libido. The term “impotence” in modern sexological literature fall into disuse. This is due to its uncertainty (they represent a very wide range of disorders – from infertility to various forms of sexual disharmonies) and using it in a different sense (as a symptom, syndrome and even nosological form).

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