Experts know why some are late all the time

It turns out that such people are just always decide to do one more thing before leaving. To such conclusion scientists from the University of Washington. Experts told how to handle it, writes The Daily Mail. Cause of chronic tardiness are problems with prospective memory, associated with time. It is responsible for memories about the actions that need to be done at a certain time.

In the course of the study, participants answered quiz questions. Then the volunteers had to estimate how much time took the job. While the volunteers answered questions on the background played the song 4 or 2 (or none). The experts believed that the participants, after listening to more songs, can overestimate the execution time of the task and the volunteers who listened to fewer songs, on the contrary, underestimated.

Then the participants solved the puzzle. The volunteers said, once they decide as long as you can, they will have 20 minutes to do the quiz. Participants had to press the button after 20 minutes (no more and no less). The study showed that some people estimated the time better than others. In addition, music affects evaluation of volunteers. The scientists also found that young people looked at the watch more often participants who were older.

The main factor causing people to be late, turned out to be problems with the time estimation. Experts told how to avoid them. First, you should regularly look at the clock. Secondly, you need to build the strategy of their actions. And finally, people should resist the temptation to do something else before I go, and estimate how long it will take each action.

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