Favorite music simplifies the learning process

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Our pupils dilate when we listen to music that makes us strong emotions. By measuring the width of the pupil, it is possible to understand how a person relates to a particular composition. In addition, the music man, helps him to remember more information, says The Daily Mail.

In the study, researchers from the University of Vienna and University of Innsbruck was attended by 60 volunteers. 30 participants of the first experiment were asked to rate 80 pieces of music, performed by piano trio. The volunteers told me how impressed they have caused the passages. In the second experiment, 30 people, not knowing the purpose of the study listened to excerpts. Experts monitored the eye movements of the participants. After the experiment participants filled out a questionnaire on their attitude to music.

It turned out, and the emotional content of the works, and the attitude of volunteers to the music affect the width of the pupils. Heaviest in the first experiment, the pupils dilate in volunteers when they listened to music they liked, and in the second experiment – those, in whose life music played an important role. In further studies, the researchers plan to learn more about this phenomenon.

Yet, according to the researchers, music affects the learning process. Many students have reported that music helped them to memorize the information. Listening to music while studying or in the process of job execution improved attention, memory, ability to count. In addition, it reduced the level of anxiety and depression. However, according to another study, to perform tasks on working memory music interferes.

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