How “live” music replaces preterm infants maternal affection

Neonatologists now even even extremely premature babies is often possible to save even those who were born in the middle of the pregnancy weighing less than 400 g. No contact with the mother can be compensated to such children through music.

Deeply premature infants for many weeks, forced to remain in special incubators, closed cell, in which through the apparatus is automatically maintained at the appropriate temperature and provided intravenous nutrition and oxygen supply.

However, none of even the most modern electronic device can not replace the communication with the mother, bodily contact with her – because such children even the doctors hands only if absolutely necessary.

A resident of the USA Elizabeth Klinger (Klinger Elizabeth) is representative of a very rare and nowadays, the profession – she’s muzykoterapia, and specializiruetsya therapy in premature infants.

Elizabeth claims that the regular live music performances and is largely able to replace the newborn cradling, rocking in his mother’s arms.

Currently, more than 20 clinics of the USA, in the departments for premature children almost every day of the music – and Elizabeth Klinger and her colleagues argue that sound recordings, even of high quality, are not suitable for such therapy, as it does not provide the necessary vibration. It is the vibration of guitar strings or drum beats soothe babies and promote their growth.
Recently, the journal Pediatrics published an article by Elizabeth Klinger, in which it reports the results of music therapy in 11 hospitals in the country.

The best results provide the sounds of small drums which remind baby of the sounds that came to him from the outside world during your stay in the mother’s womb.

The drum beats and calm children, reduce the frequency of their heart rate and improve appetite and sleep.

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