Kidney removal causes impotence

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Nature has duplicated in the human body is such an important organ, like the kidney. This facilitates the task of the doctors in the treatment of severe diseases. But researchers found a distant unpleasant side effect of radical nephrectomy.

In modern clinics the surgery complete removal of the kidney is now often carried out using laparoscopic surgery – in this case, instead of a large incision, the surgeons introduce all the necessary tools through several small incisions.

However, in fact, and in another case, according to researchers from the medical center at the University of California at San Diego (University of California, San Diego School of Medicine), removal of the organ after can lead to sexual dysfunction in men. We are talking about erectile dysfunction, i.e. problems with erection.

The study by California scientists has become the first in the world of medical practice, to establish the existence of a relationship between radical nephrectomy and deterioration of potency.

The authors observed a total of more than 430 men, all of whom operation was performed on the kidney in connection with pochernkletocny carcinoma, one of the varieties of malignant tumors of this organ.

Half of the patients were performed radical nephrectomy and patients from the other group performed organ sparing surgery in which doctors removed just the tumor. Before the surgery, and for several years after her patients were interviewed about the quality of their sex life.

The authors found that 6 years later the risk of erectile dysfunction in patients after radical nephrectomy increased 3.5 times compared to those patients whose doctors were able to remove only the tumor and save the kidney.

“Now we see that the nature of the operation in the treatment of kidney disease affects not only the preservation of the filtration properties of this body, but also on the quality of life of the patient,” says study co-author Professor Ryan Kopp (Ryan Kopp).

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