Loud music after 30 years is fraught with tinnitus and depression

The music quality in earphones of modern smartphones is so high that the music “on the go” began to listen, even owners of gadgets in age. Meanwhile, the constant and loud music can cause great harm to hearing.

British researchers warn that a significant portion of music lovers, which can not be attributed to youth, did not think about the volume of the sound favorite tunes in their headphones.

Neglecting the care of their own hearing can turn into big trouble.

Researchers from the British society for Action on Hearing Loss, which brings together all the deaf of the United Kingdom, surveyed more than 1 000 people with normal hearing who listened to music on the go (in the metro, other public transport, while driving through the streets on foot, and the like).

The specialists who conducted the poll, tried to find people older than 30 years.

It turned out that more than 30% of respondents listen to music at a very loud volume and at the same time admitted that you never pay attention to that. They don’t think about the fact that this habit very soon, it can cause permanent hearing damage.

About half of respondents admitted that listening to music not less than 6 hours a day – including as “pleasant background sound” at work.

Meanwhile, warn the researchers from Action on Hearing Loss, currently not less than 10% of Britons suffer with tinnitus – a constant ringing in the ears.

In most cases tinnitus is a result of a powerful impact of loud music on hearing.

“Tinnitus is not just unpleasant as the phenomenon associated with constant extraneous noise in the ears: in many cases, it is accompanied by the development of a sense of fear, constant anxiety, feelings of helplessness, depression, and can significantly degrade the quality of life,” – said the head of the study Professor Paul Brackel (Paul Breckell).

He adds that the treatment of tinnitus – a difficult task, requiring much time and effort and, moreover, in many cases, impossible.

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