Loud music increases the risk of hearing disorders in teenagers

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Researchers from McMaster University tested the hearing of the 170 volunteers ranging in age from 11 to 17 years. The study showed that many young people listening to very loud music at parties, in clubs or on their autoscrollbar. At least 28% of the participants suffered from a constant ringing or noise in the ears (tinnitus).

Usually tinnitus complain people older than 50 years, writes The Times of India. According to the researchers, adolescents with tinnitus reduced tolerance to loud sounds. This is a sign of nerve damage, involved in processing sounds. When the auditory nerves are damaged, the usual sounds begin to seem louder.

Moreover, such damage may not be apparent on the audiogram reflecting hearing status. And with age, the hearing of such people deteriorates significantly. Unfortunately, damaged nerves cannot be restored. So the only solution is prevention.

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