Music and autopsy boils: what is common

Surgeons have not only the most difficult of organ transplants or the removal of cancer – many workers of the scalpel have to do more mundane things. Soon outpatient surgery come to the aid of music.

British researchers claim that the introduction of ambulatory surgical practice music has a calming effect on patients who are in anxiety about the upcoming surgery.

Calm and pleasant music sounding in the surgeon’s office, which performs the operation under local anesthesia, significantly reduces the anxiety of outpatients and reduce the discomfort that is experienced in all patients not exposed during surgery and General anesthesia.

The clinic staff at John Radcliffe Oxford University (John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford) was involved in the “musical experiment” 96 patients who had to move a minor surgery, not requiring hospitalization.

The patients were divided into 2 groups experimental and control, so that in each of the groups were patients with the same diagnosis.

Half of the patients surgery was performed under pleasant music, and the participants in the control group intervention was carried out in a traditional setting operating silence, broken only by the replicas of the doctor.

During operations were recorded: respiratory rate of patients, after which all participants were asked to determine the degree of their anxiety with the help of special questionnaires.

Patients who were operated on with the music, the degree of anxiety was on average 33% lower than patients in the control group. This was confirmed by objective data: respiration rate amounted to an average of 11 breaths of exhalations per minute at the “lovers” music and 13 in the control group.

Postoperative observation also showed more rapid wound healing in the experimental group.

The authors also point to another effect of music in the operating room – on its positive impact was also reported and operating surgeons and helped them nurses: health care providers have experienced the stress of a lesser intensity than under normal conditions.

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