Music and meditation are good for the brain of elderly people

A new study conducted at West Virginia University showed that meditation and listening to music helped people with subjective cognitive impairment. Such violations are often a precursor to dementia, reports Zee News.

The study involved 60 older people. Volunteers were divided into two groups. For 12 weeks at 12 minutes a day the first group practiced Kirtan Kriya meditation, and the second listened to music. In India, the Kirtan Kriya meditation has long been considered one of the ways to prevent cognitive impairment in the elderly. It includes chants, hand movements and visualization of light.

Scientists have established that through meditation and music in older people improved memory, Executive function, increased concentration and increased speed of information processing. Experts came to the conclusion that meditation and music not only improves mood, sleep and improve the quality of life, but also positively affect cognitive function. The effect lasted for 3 months after the end of the study.

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