Music can increase the productivity of workers, the study showed

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Scientists from Cornell University conducted two experiments. The researchers wanted to find out how music affects the behavior of people working in the team. Volunteers were divided into groups of 3 people. Participants received tokens which they could keep or give for the benefit of the whole team, says The Hindustan Times.

When I was playing cheerful music, for example, the songs of Van Morrison “Brown Eyed Girl”, the Beatles “Yellow Submarine” or Katrina Walking on Sunshine, the volunteers often gave tokens. If included unpleasant music, such as composition unknown heavy metal bands, participants mostly kept the money for himself.

Researchers have established that listening to cheerful songs, the volunteers gave about a third more in comparison with when listening to unpleasant music. The researchers then conducted a second experiment. They didn’t include music at all. Experts came to the conclusion that cheerful music makes people to benefit the team. I mean, she can rally the team.

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