Music: effective medicine available to all

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As you know, music is one of the most common means of relaxation, or, conversely, charging the body with energy. However, young science music therapy – the music holds much more hope than a simple relaxation or energy charge. Scientists claim that music is able to overcome a deep depression, and even help cure cancer. If such suspicions are confirmed, humanity will become the happy owner of affordable and safe method of therapy, based on musical sounds, say the researchers.

“Music therapy is a proven practical experience of the phenomenon that causes changes in both physical and spiritual aspect of the human body. Music can also influence people with social problems, various mental and psychological disorders,” says Dr. Cheryl Dileo (Cheryl Dileo), Professor, Research center for arts and quality of life (Arts and Quality of Life Research Center) at temple University (Temple University) in Philadelphia, USA.

Scientists say that a simple listening to your favorite songs is not music therapy. This method of treatment is a whole system developed by specialists in various fields of knowledge, working with individual manifestations in the human body. “Self-help yourself through music is the same music therapy, around which was built a new science”, says Dr. Dileo. – “At the same time, many people do use music for calming and relaxation”.

On the other hand, music therapy implies the occurrence of interpersonal process between patient and physician. According to scientists, despite the fact that many people are confident in their knowledge about the therapeutic properties of music the theory of music therapy comes from the mouth of a professional, the effect can be really striking.

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