Music for the deaf – it is possible

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The combination of cochlear implants and hearing AIDS allow people with partial hearing loss to hear better music, says scientists from the University of Melbourne. “Not everyone understands that sometimes it’s better to use a cochlear implant and a hearing aid together to improve hearing in General and to give people the opportunity to enjoy the music,” says Professor Hugh McDermott (Hugh McDermott).

In his public lecture, titled “Can cochlear implants help the deaf to hear the music”, which took place on 5 may, Professor Hugh McDermott from Melbournethe University, Australia, explained that Binnie devices enable most deaf people to understand speech, but cannot capture the music. “It is not surprising that many patients with implants would like to enjoy music, so we look for opportunities to help them”, – he said during the lecture.

It is believed that cochlear implants are more suitable for deaf people – about one in 1000. However, Professor McDermott believes that these devices also can be successfully used by people with partial hearing loss. “This means that we will be able to help more people, because patients with partial hearing loss is much more than full,” he said. As a solution, the Professor suggested that people with partial hearing loss use hearing AIDS and implants at the same time. Thus, they will better perceive music. In the long term should be developed implants with a large number of electrodes, the scientist believes.

Modern cochlear implants equipped with a maximum of 22 electrodes, and Professor McDermott expressed the hope that this number will increase to hundreds of thousands, which greatly improve the ability to perceive the finest details of music and other sounds. In his lecture, the Professor discussed the new methods and techniques that will enable people with severe hearing problems to enjoy music to the fullest.

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