Music helps language development in children

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Scientists from the University of Washington often advise parents to enable their children to classical music. It turns out that it helps to develop language skills. The study involved 39 infants at the age of 9 months. 20 participants entered in the experimental group and 19 in the control, according to Modern Readers.

Children from the experimental group attended 12 sessions, where they listened to music for 15 minutes, and parents were tapping to the beat of the music. Infants in the control group played, went to classes, but not listening to music. Participants from the experimental group, the brain activity was higher than in babies of control.

The kids from the experimental group were more strongly react to “failures” in musical rhythms, and speech. This allowed the experts to suggest that music develops language skills. By the way, researchers from the University of Vienna and University of Innsbruck proved that music simplifies the learning process.

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