Music in the operating room improves the health of patients

Whatever music you may have listened to Bach, Michael Jackson or Eminem, it can help you to more successfully survive the surgery and recover from it. Researchers in the UK think that music can be used as a method of anesthesia and postoperative therapy.

“Music is non-invasive, cheap and safe method of therapy that is available to anyone who goes through the surgery. Patients should be given the opportunity to listen to music to improve their condition. Main thing is that the music does not interfere with the work of medical professionals,” said study leader, Dr Catherine Meads (Catherine Meads) from Brunel University, UK.

In the course of work, the data were analyzed 72 studies involving approximately 7000 patients. As it turned out, listening to music before, during and after surgery significantly reduced the level of anxiety and pain, as well as the need to use painkillers. Patients felt better and were more satisfied with their medical services.

Music was useful for all patients, but the greatest effect it gives if you listen to her before the surgery. Patients who chose what to listen to, suffered less pain and needed smaller amounts of anesthetics. It is interesting that listening to music has a positive effect even during General anesthesia.

According to scientists, listening to music in an emotionally stressful period “allows the patient to refocus their attention from physical pain and anxiety on the audio experience.” It should be noted that not all patients like to listen to music. Some may be useful others distracting from the pain of activities, such as watching TV.

The results of the study were published in the August issue of the Lancet.

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