Music lessons in childhood will remain a good memory in old age

Many parents send their children to music schools, not in the hope that their offspring will become great musicians. Intuition does not deceive adults, music lessons are beneficial to the mental abilities of children.

Researchers from the US found that regular music lessons in childhood show a positive effect many decades later.

Scientists from northwestern University in Chicago (Northwestern University, Chicago) said they found at least two positive factors from going three times a week in the music school with a music folder and a “personal” tool under the mouse.

First, those who studied music as a child, for many decades until old age retained the ability to distinguish between human speech and background noises. Many faced with the fact that elderly people with a certain point starts several times to ask again said to him, though radio and TV to hear is still good.

A distinctive feature of the majority of hearing impairment in old age is the loss of the ability to normally distinguish between the sounds in the human voice range, especially against the background of extraneous noise. It is from this lack eliminates a visit to musical school in my childhood.

Secondly, playing music significantly improves memory, and this feature persists until old age.

The research, led by Professor Nina Kraus (Nina Kraus), was invited to participate in specialized tests (audio and for memory checking) 18 people who started to make music not later than the age of 9 and later regularly played a musical instrument throughout life, and 19 people that music was never trained.

The musicians were superior to “non-musicians” during all of the trials except one, where the results were equal.

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