Music makes the hard workouts easier, scientists have proved

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Powerful, but short interval training programs are too heavy. However, music helps them better adapt, writes Eurek Alert. It showed an experiment with volunteers who have offered for the first time to try out an intense training regimen. In the end, if people listened to music, they positively looked at a workout and well they were adapted.

A similar mode (cycle a heavy load is replaced by a restoration cycle with a reduced load) allows to achieve the desired result at minimum cost in time. And, as the study showed, this mode was perceived by the volunteers. In fact, just 10 minutes of intense interval training three times a week can improve health.

And music is able to facilitate the comprehension of such training. It gives hope that people will practice such exercises in the future. Meanwhile, many are difficult to follow regime, involving a long training like 50 minutes of running.

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