Music makes the heart beat stronger

According to the results of a new study, an effective medicine for people who survived heart attack are the sound of music. Scientists say that music can significantly speed up the rehabilitation process of the patient.

As shown by the analysis conducted at the University of Helsinki (Helsinki University), if the patient survived a heart attack, for several hours a day listening to music, his memory and focus have improved significantly. Also, there is normalization of the psychological state and depression.

Leading specialist of the research project, Sarkamo Teppo (Teppo Sarkamo) notes that three months after a heart attack verbal memory was improved by 60% in people who listened to music compared with those patients who had daily listened to the audio books (the figure was 18%). According to Dr. Carcamo, these differences are observed after treatment for 6 months. The researchers also say that “music therapy” may prove effective for treating patients suffering from autism, schizophrenia and dementia.

This analysis is the first of its kind devoted to the impact of music on patients that have undergone serious pathology associated with the brain. The study involved 60 people under the age of 60 years. Most of them had problems with coordination of movements, cognitive processes such as memory and concentration. Every day one group listened to music chosen by each patient. According to the researchers, the best results were observed in this group. Scientists claim that patients who are not ready for other types of rehabilitation.

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