Music produces an amazing effect on a person, say genetics

The sound of music or noise can greatly affect the mood and emotions of a person. According to scientists, it’s in the effect on dopamine. This neurotransmitter is closely linked with emotional behavior and regulation of mood, writes The Times of India. Differences in dopamine receptor can identify the unique characteristics and reactions of each individual.

The study showed that functional variation in the gene dopamine receptor D2 (DRD2) determine the influence of music and noise on mood and brain activity in areas responsible for emotions. So, without taking pills, using only music to regulate mood, emotional reactions on behavioral and neural level.

Sighting study was conducted on a sample of volunteers. The scientists collected 38 people. 26 of them were the variant of the GG and in 12 – GT option. Brain scans of the participants was done when they performed the task on the processing of emotions. In parallel there was music or noise. It turned out, the presence of receptors DRD2 GG gave improved mood after listening to music.

In turn, in the group of owners of the variant GT mood worsened after noise exposure. Unlike noise, music reduced the activity of the striped body of the brain in individuals with the variant GT. Moreover, in the presence of the variant GG music has reduced activity of the prefrontal cortex while processing emotional information.

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