Music therapy is able to change health cancer

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Music can reduce anxiety, pain, and fatigue in cancer patients. Music enhances the quality of life, according to a new study. As NDTV reports, music therapy has been practiced for a long time for cancer patients. She is listening to pre-recorded music. And there is reason to believe that music has a positive impact on physical and mental state.

This proves the analysis of 52 studies involving 3731 cancer patients. According to scientists, music have reduced symptoms of anxiety, fatigue, heart rate and breath. Blood pressure was reduced. It is likely that through the music the need for anesthetics and analgesics will decrease. And the recovery time and duration of hospitalization will be reduced.

By the way, cardiologists prescribed core sessions of classical music. Mozart’s music reduces blood pressure and heart rate. Strauss also reduces the heart rate and the level of threat of biomarkers. These are a study of the effect produced by different musical genres on the cardiovascular system.

According to scientists from the University of Bochum, the experiment was carried out with the involvement of 120 students. 50% of the volunteers listened to music for 25 minutes. The rest lay in silence (control group). The main group was divided into three subgroups: the group listening to Mozart, Strauss or pop group ABBA. Before and after music listening, and after the “session of silence”, all study participants were measured blood pressure, heart rate and cortisol levels (marker of stress).

So, the classical music of Mozart and Strauss significantly reduced blood pressure and heart rate. But the music of the group ABBA did not work. In the control group, the pressure decreased, but not so much. But all the songs reduced indicators of cortisol (especially it was noticeable in men after the music of Mozart or Strauss)

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