Music therapy

Each of us has a favorite melody while listening to music of the most widespread Hobbies in the world. There are millions of people who start and end their day listening to music. Music is everywhere and always, but few, perhaps, who knows about the power of music. Music therapy has long been used to treat diseases in humans. Don’t believe? Then ask the French actor Gerard Depardieu. It for 3 months listening to the music of Mozart, and in this way managed to get rid of stuttering.

A bit of history about music therapy.

You still don’t believe that music can heal? Then here’s the facts! The term music therapy appeared in the mid-20th century, but the therapeutic practice of using music already existed in ancient times. In ancient Egypt, for example, the music took birth, the ancient Chinese healers generally believed that through music you can heal all diseases. But long tradition and experience of ancient physicians were forgotten, and many centuries later, starting in the second half of the 20th century, music therapy is gaining popularity in medicine.

The use of music in medicine.

Music therapy is used for physical and emotional healing. Experts increasingly contemplate the mysteries of music therapy. And thus more and more hospitals around the world are beginning to use music to improve the health of their patients. Music improves mood and suppresses negative emotions, relaxes and relieves stress. Studies have shown that people who daily listen to your favorite music for 2 hours, much less prone to depression and stress, and we all know that most of our diseases due to stress. Set that relaxing music reduces blood pressure and slows the heart rate, thereby reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Favorite music can reduce chronic pain by 21%, and physical exercise under a good tune, enhance training — so say researchers from Ohio. During pregnancy it is recommended to expectant mothers listen to classical music that has beneficial effects on women’s health, and also stimulates the prenatal development of the child.
It is known that the harmonious sounds of the music increases concentration and stimulates the brain, but experts say that music is better to listen not while studying, and to her. The Mozart Sonata in D major can stop epileptic seizures and even helps to get rid of it. Known and such a surprising fact, as one suffering from cerebral palsy, 12 – year-old girl, engaging music, learned to walk and dance.

Of course, it’s not all facts are useful effects of music therapy on people’s health, but You should already see how useful it turns out listening to music. And you can be sure that very soon, the therapy will be widely used in medicine for the treatment of many diseases.

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