Music therapy – myth or reality?

Many love music, but not everyone knows about its medicinal properties. In ancient times it was used to get rid of various ailments, as it causes the particular vibration which creates the aura that have a beneficial effect on the nervous system. Each piece emits its own energy, so it is important to choose the right melody.

Music therapy — myth or reality?

Quite a long time there are disputes of scientists about how we can help and the impact of sounds on the human brain. Most often the sessions are used by Mozart, even have a special therapy, which is yet to be fully explored.

For a long time scientists engaged in the development of this project. Initially, the test subjects were rats. Animals were led into the maze, and the doctor watched, how much time they will need to find a way out. Thereafter, they were divided into several groups, housed in separate cells and put the music on. For some play classics, and for other various loud noises. After passed a few weeks, the rodents again sent on treadmills. Rats, which included Mozart, much faster output than the first time, and others sought the coveted white light a third longer. From this we can conclude that pleasant sounds act on the part of the brain responsible for intelligence.

Further experiments showed that a variety of compositions and affect on people even stronger. At the time of the initially excited by listening to the auditory center, then impulses go to the brain, which is responsible for emotions. After that, in the case when the product came to taste, the nervous system is excited, and if not, then is blocked.

The scientists investigated different genres. It shows that the subconscious is much better perceived and soothing classical music than clunky. It was stated that the positive and light melody, it is useful to listen to pregnant women and young children. There is a statement: if two boys of equal intelligence to give to solve the same task, and in this moment will be the first to sit in silence and listen to the calm second song, “music lover” will do so much faster.

Therefore, in our days, the classical music treatment of various diseases is increasingly used by physicians. Healthy people should listen to pleasant sounds, if you want to stay the same.


Music therapy is passive and active. At first, the patient makes listening to songs, and in the second he participates in the performance. If the patient has severe disease, then he begins the session as a listener. After initially needs to learn how to distinguish sounds. This may well help exercises that allow you to feel the vibration. For example, the doctor touches a guitar string and presses it to the back of the patient.

During active treatment the man always uses his voice, performs a variety of songs for relaxation and get the desired effect, it is the basis of music therapy. The sound therapy helps to eliminate cramps.Also used individual and group approach. Initially the person resides on the procedures exclusively by himself, and after positive dynamics sessions begin to take place collectively.

Methods of influence

Medicinal properties of music is known for a very long time. The main idea of this therapy is the effect of sound on the thalamic area of the brain that is responsible for emotional and sensory perception. Smooth instrumental vibrations pass through the nerve endings and give the strongest impulse for the entire body and the system in General.

This wave evokes the production of a variety of biologically active elements that help to adjust work of all internal organs. Soothing music unconsciously incorporates intuition and makes a kind of reboot of consciousness. Smooth melodies direct the person to clarify the perception of the world and light reflections.

Rhythmic and loud composition stimulates physical characteristics. The effect is felt as a surge of strength, vigor, joy, and even allows you to cope with the strong physical exertion. This constant artificial excitement quickly depletes the body.

Creepy and haunting sounds and noise can lead to instability of the psyche, irritability, aggression and depression. It is no secret that people who are constantly living in the midst of this environment, often exhibit suicidal or antisocial behavior. I do not advise long to listen to a band playing in the style of heavy metal and hard rock, as they generate negative emotions. Therefore, this influence alters the qualitative characteristics of the individual.

Effects on alcoholism

Music therapy for such disease that has shown positive results. For this, one must listen to certain songs. Most often it is the classics or songs with a motivating character. Good results were obtained thanks to the perception of pipe organ sounds, as well as singing for them. The patient should listen to the game in a relaxed atmosphere, with the complete abstraction from external stimuli and thoughts. It is best if this room will also be completely empty.

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