Music will bring… to diabetes!

Many of our contemporaries (and not only young) do not part with headphones, because the music in particular, helps to overcome daily stress. But, it turns out that melodies can be lower and, consequently, to increase hunger and affect the attraction to sweet and fatty food.

British scientists have discovered a phenomenon that they called “sonic seasoning”. It turns out, a subconscious craving for food a certain flavor may increase or decrease depending on the sounds which tonality, timbre and height prevail in varying tones.

Scientists from Oxford University (Oxford University) for several months regularly ordered separate Cabinet in one of the first-class restaurants, where with the help of several dozen volunteers experimented with different sounds and melodies, studying their impact on food preferences and appetite of the participants.

It turned out that, for example, low sounds, characteristic of wind instruments was enhanced by the pleasant taste sensations of bitterness experienced by coffee lovers, but on the other hand, the high piano sounds increased the enjoyment of the sweet and have led to increased harmful consumption of confectionery and chocolates.

Fortunately, the influence of music and noise can have the opposite effect – to reduce the desire to “eat heartily” sweet or fatty high-calorie food. The thing is, to avoid mistakes in the audio during the meal.

Scientists estimate that in the phenomenon discovered could be very dangerous for fans constantly listen to music in headphones, especially since this category of the population more often are visiting gourmet restaurants and popular fast food restaurants.

Absorbing food the music, “audiophiles” are able to regularly overeat, increasing the risk of obesity, and they will be involuntarily drawn to sweet, which, as you know, is fraught with the development of diabetes.

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