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The sound of music, the brain comes to life

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Scientists have long been trying to find a way to treat patients with various diseases with the help of…music. A new study by American scientists is dedicated to the therapeutic effect of harmonious sounds on patients with neurological disorders. Music can be called a cure without drugs, experts say. Scientists know that music can improve […]

Canadian psychologists have found that listening to music produces in the human a stimulant effect – improving its performance, and both mental and physical. However, the positive effects of listening to music “evaporates” in just 10 minutes after she stopped. Powerful long-term effect occurs only when a person actively learns to play any instrument- have […]

Opera is music for the heart

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Listening to arias by Puccini from the Opera Turandot performed by Pavarotti helps patients to recover faster after a stroke. Some types of music can slow the heart rate and lowering blood pressure, scientists say. Dr. Luciano Bernardi (Bernardi Luciano), together with colleagues from the University of Pavia (Italy), asked 24 healthy volunteers to listen […]

Music for the deaf – it is possible

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The combination of cochlear implants and hearing AIDS allow people with partial hearing loss to hear better music, says scientists from the University of Melbourne. “Not everyone understands that sometimes it’s better to use a cochlear implant and a hearing aid together to improve hearing in General and to give people the opportunity to enjoy […]

Kidney removal causes impotence

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Nature has duplicated in the human body is such an important organ, like the kidney. This facilitates the task of the doctors in the treatment of severe diseases. But researchers found a distant unpleasant side effect of radical nephrectomy. In modern clinics the surgery complete removal of the kidney is now often carried out […]

Music: effective medicine available to all

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As you know, music is one of the most common means of relaxation, or, conversely, charging the body with energy. However, young science music therapy – the music holds much more hope than a simple relaxation or energy charge. Scientists claim that music is able to overcome a deep depression, and even help cure cancer. […]

Music makes the heart beat stronger

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According to the results of a new study, an effective medicine for people who survived heart attack are the sound of music. Scientists say that music can significantly speed up the rehabilitation process of the patient. As shown by the analysis conducted at the University of Helsinki (Helsinki University), if the patient survived a heart […]

Whatever music you may have listened to Bach, Michael Jackson or Eminem, it can help you to more successfully survive the surgery and recover from it. Researchers in the UK think that music can be used as a method of anesthesia and postoperative therapy. “Music is non-invasive, cheap and safe method of therapy that is […]

Premature babies needed

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Music is increasingly used in neonatal departments where patients are too small to be given regular painkillers. Scientists have found that playing music to premature babies helps them cope with pain and reduces stress. In the study, researchers used data from nine of the works conducted in 1989-2006. The results were published in the journal […]

Stage I. Detection of the tumor happens randomly says while it takes only about 5% of the volume of the affected organ. Stage II. Here, the tumor volume can be about 5-50% of the total prostate volume, another possible option is spread to both lobes. Stage III. Germination occurs tumor formation of the capsule […]