Premature babies needed

Music is increasingly used in neonatal departments where patients are too small to be given regular painkillers. Scientists have found that playing music to premature babies helps them cope with pain and reduces stress. In the study, researchers used data from nine of the works conducted in 1989-2006. The results were published in the journal Archives of disease in childhood.

Scientists came to the conclusion that premature babies who listened to music, I endured the pain than those who were in complete silence. The sound of music can improve the heart rate and breathing, the researchers said in their review of previous works on this topic. Often kids lose lullabies, children’s songs and classical pieces.

In one study, it was proved that music improved the heartbeat of the babies, increasing the level of oxygen in the blood. In other work, scientists came to the conclusion that children who listened to music had dulled the pain, including when they from the heel took a blood test, which is a pretty painful procedure for infants. Music also operated a calming effect not only on kids but also their parents, children quickly gain weight and remained in the hospital for a shorter period, the researchers said.

Study leader Dr. mana Kumar (Manoj Kumar) from the University of Alberta in Canada, said: “There is evidence that music has a positive effect on tolerance of pain during painful medical procedures. Also, the music in combination with other non-invasive methods facilitates the process of feeding premature infants.” Dr. Cupar, added that playing music in hospital wards reduces the need to use some medications. However, he concluded, the findings need to be tested through well-prepared research.

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