Rap songs make teenagers have sex

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Disputes about how movies and music affect children, have been conducted for a long time. It turns out that because of the REP before teenagers start having sex and drinking alcohol. Researchers from the University of Texas for two years, followed by 443 students. Volunteers reported how often they listened to rap music. The scientists also found out who of the participants believed that their peers in the 13-16 years have already had sex, says The Daily Mail.

The study showed that students who listened to rap in 7th grade, three hours per day or more, two years later, in 2.6 times more likely to engage in intimate relationships. However, the connection also depended on the adolescents ‘ views on sexuality peers. So, those who believed that peers have sex 2.5 often did it themselves.

Experts say: the lyrics of rap songs more explicit than other genres. Apparently, when teenagers hear these lyrics, they ask their peers, do those sex. And if their friends do it, they decide to follow their example.

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