Scientists understand why some people don’t like music

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According to rough estimates, from specific musical anhedonia suffer 3-5% of the population. These people are not able to get pleasure from music. Specialists from McGill University found what is the reason, says The Hindustan Times.

The study involved 45 people. Volunteers listened to musical passages in the process of an fMRI scan of the brain and evaluated the degree of received pleasure. Still the researchers monitored the brain response of participants to a cash reward. The volunteers played a game in which they could lose or win money.

The study showed that participants with a specific musical anhedonia had fewer functional connections between cortical areas of the brain responsible for processing sound, and an adjacent-related reward. While the volunteers who received the music a lot of fun, such links were more.

When people with specific musical anhedonia won the money, they have increased activity in the nucleus accumbens. That is, their brain reward system respond to other stimuli. The researchers hope that their findings will help in the development of new methods of treatment of disorders associated with failures in the system of rewards, such as depression and addiction.

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