Scientists urged men to choose the suitable size condoms

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American scientists have urged men to take more responsibility for the choice of the size of the condom, reports the BBC. Experts from the University of Kentucky (University of Kentucky) examined the negative consequences of not using proper size of condoms. Will help you cialis. Report on the study published in the journal Sexually Transmitted Infections.

According to the authors of the study, choosing the wrong size condom makes men abandon their use, which increases the risk of Contracting sexually transmitted infections and the risk of unintended pregnancy.

In the course of their work, scientists surveyed 436 men aged 18 years who used condoms during vaginal sex not earlier than three months before the study. 44.7% of respondents (195 people) reported that they used condoms are not the right size.

Types of condoms

Among the study participants who used not suitable for the size of condoms, 120 men said that he had received less pleasure from sex. 57 people said that their partners were also less satisfied with sexual intercourse.

In addition, men reported Pervushina, slipped or dry during sex the condom, difficulty in reaching orgasm, including partner, as well as a temporary loss of erection due to incorrectly selected size of the condom.

The representative of the charity Brook, Simon Blake (Blake Simon) noted that with proper use of suitable size of the condom is a contraceptive provides protection against genital infections and pregnancy in 98 percent of cases.

The employee of the organization “international Alliance on HIV/AIDS” (International HIV/AIDS Alliance), Jill Gordon (Gordon Gill) said that unlike Europe and the United States the inhabitants of Africa do not always have the ability to choose the right size condom. According to Gordon, this explains the reluctance of many Africans to use these contraceptives.

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