Study: the role of music in the development of the children exaggerated

Scientists from different countries are repeatedly published the results of their research, which allegedly confirmed the widespread belief that music lessons promote intellectual development.

Researchers from the United States consider this view misleading.
Exposing the myth about the positive impact of music on children’s intelligence was carried out by scientists from Harvard University (Harvard University).

The authors of the experiment were invited to participate 29 children at the age of 4 years who came to the lab with their parents.

Before the study scientists have determined by means of tests the degree of mental development of every young participant.

Kids were divided into 2 groups: one group several times during each week engaged in music class and the other attended drawing lessons.

A few months later the kids are re-tested, and scientists have determined the degree of mental development of children do not use standard IQ tests, and created them using more accurate methodology.

However, they are unable to detect improve mental abilities in the group of “musicians” – the results in this group were, on average, the same as in the group “artists”.

In the second stage the number of participants was increased to 45 and again in the development of mental abilities of children engaged in the music, was not discovered “breakthrough”.

“Parents of children who study music do not worry about our results. Music, without a doubt, developing other positive qualities: creativity, discipline and ability to concentrate,” – said the head of this research Professor Samuel Measures (Samuel Mehr).

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