The doctors advised pregnant women to arrange musical evenings

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Scientists have discovered how early children on the stage of fetal development begin to respond to external stimuli. It turns out that the fetus responds to music already in the 16th week of development, according to This is much earlier than previously thought.

Experts examined the movement 106 children at 14-39 weeks of fetal development. In this case the mother’s abdomen imposed player headphones, where the music was playing. The children also listened to music delivered vaginally using a special device.

As a result, children in the earliest stages of development did not respond to the music coming through the headphones. But when a loud and relaxing music delivered vaginally, 16-week children opened and shut his mouth, and wiggling tongues, like singing. According to experts, this helps in advance to stimulate language skills. In principle, scientists have long advised parents to talk to the child before birth. Now in recommendations and added music in the evening.

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