The influence of classical music on people

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The influence classical music has long been proven by scientists, there is a huge amount of experimental evidence that classical music has a beneficial effect on the human body.

When listening to young children the music of the great Austrian composer Mozart, children are developed faster intellectually. In the Soviet chargé, it was observed that in cows when listening to classical music increased milk production.


  • Mozart’s helpful to listen to before exams/tests that required creative thinking, finding innovative solutions to prepare the works of this great composer.
  • Mozart’s works carry a very powerful energy charge, charge the brain, like “awaken” and awaken his ingenuity and creativity. This is best performed symphonies and concertos for violins.
  • Major tone is set and forced to strive for victory. A computer analysis showed that in the works of Mozart preferred major tones. Therefore, listening to this truly great composer and musician-we just want to win.
  • Gives a surge of creative energy.

“Sonata for two pianos in C major” by Mozart:

Significantly increases the mental ability of students through the various tests. Mozart greatly improved mental ability and memory of animals. This is due to the influence of music on the activity of certain genes and the formation of a number of proteins responsible for attention and memory.

D major Sonata of Mozart for piano:

Treats epilepsy (seizures stops and stops epilepsy)
For headache:

  • “Spring song” Mendelssohn
  • “Humoresque” Of Dvorak
  • “Hungarian Rhapsody” of Liszt
  • “Fidelio” By Beethoven
  • “Lullaby” By Brahms
  • “Ave Maria” Schubert
  • Strauss Waltzes

Improves sleep, and has a sedative effect:

  • Suite Grieg’s “Peter Gynt”
  • “Melody” By Gluck
  • “Dreams” By Schumann
  • Chopin’s Preludes

Scarring ulcer:

  • “Waltz of the flowers” by Tchaikovsky
  • Normalizes heart and blood pressure:
  • “Wedding March” by Mendelssohn

In cancer:

  • Mozart
  • Handel
  • Bach
  • Rachmaninoff

To raise the General vitality:

  • “Sixth Symphony” (3h.) Tchaikovsky
  • “Overture Edmond” Beethoven
  • “Prelude 1” (opus 28) Chopin
  • “Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2” Sheet

Music in the Baroque style:

Improves memory, memorizing new foreign words, poems. It soothes, mobilizes the mechanisms of memory. Can hide or even to neutralize the sounds of a drill.

The music of Mozart or Baroque:

Will help the mind to gain clarity and to increase the level of mental organization.

The music of Mozart or Vivaldi:

Helps to concentrate for long periods of time.

“Fur Elise” by Beethoven, “eine Kleine Nachtmusik” by Mozart:

Relax and soothe.

The slow part plays Handel, Bach or Vivaldi:

Will help to memorize the text.

Music Bach, Handel:

Enhances logical thinking and improves mathematical skills.

Rachmaninoff’s second Concerto:

Scientists put the water for the study in the concert hall, and then studied its radiation. The most powerful healing properties somehow acquired water that has been at the Second concert of Rachmaninov. Carries a huge charge to win!!! Is the strongest spiritual and physical medicine.

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