The influence of music on human health

Man is always surrounded by sounds. In prehistoric times man was surrounded by the sounds of nature: the noise of the waterfall, the rustle of leaves, singing of birds. Now in their place came the noise of the city. Each individual perceives sounds differently, based on acquired experience.

Each separate sound affects person differently. According to the conclusions of scientists, a key role in the interpretation of the sounds assigned to the rhythms of the brain. Audio comes into the hearing, and then to the brain where it is analyzed and compared with its own rhythms of the brain. The frequency of the rhythms are highly individual. That is what is the reason for the different musical preferences of the people.

Every 10 years the music we used to listen, is radically different. And it is worth noting that the sound becomes more aggressive. The electronic music we hear, has a new to us rhythms at 140-160 beats per minute. On the human body, this music’s influence is not positive. Continuous use of such compositions can have a negative impact and lead to sleep disorders, irritability and even depression.

There are many teachings about the unique properties of music. Scientists have identified three main areas of influence of music on human health:

  • the impact of sound on the intellect;
  • in a state of mind;
  • on the body.

In ancient treatises, much has been said about the healing properties of music. Obtained later scientific evidence only confirms the statements of the sages. Music is a powerful source of energy that affect the human body. Already in the nineteenth century, scientists determined that music affects blood pressure, contraction of the cardiac muscle, depth and rhythm of breathing.

The bell sounds a few seconds can kill not only the viruses of influenza and jaundice, but typhus Bacillus.

Certain sounds can also help in the treatment of diabetes. The blood sugar levels and the condition of the human psyche are closely interlinked. Therefore, many doctors use music therapy in combination with medication.

Pediatricians recommend that kids classical music: it promotes formation of bone tissue of the child and positive effect on the development of the soul and body of the child. To find out more about the impact of musical works on the body of the child, schedule a consultation pediatrician.

Experienced doctors recommend pregnant women to listen to the magnificent music of Mozart. Mozart can relieve expectant mothers and their unborn child from various cardiovascular diseases. Experts believe that these classical works are an incredible phenomenon in terms of the positive influence of classical music on people. Find out the details of the effects of music on the child and the pregnant woman’s body, make an appointment to the gynecologist.

Experiments with students from different universities have shown amazing results. It was noticed the increase of IQ in all the participants who listened to classical music, regardless of the person like the music or not.

The impact of music on the psychophysiology of the person can be negative. There are types of music that have a devastating effect on the individual.

The influence of rock music on people

This style of music has certain characteristics:

  • monotonous works;
  • hard rhythm;
  • the volume;
  • sverhsoldata.

Despite the power and strength of sound rock music, it belongs to the monotonous works, which lead the human mind to a passive condition. Quite often when listening to such music people quickly becomes lethargic and apathetic.

One of the most powerful mechanisms of influence of rock music is rhythm. Certain rhythms evoke in man a reaction (corresponding movements). The multiplicity rate, equal to one and a half beats per second, can cause ecstasy. In the rhythm of multiples of two beats per second, the listener may fall into a special trance, similar to the drug. In excess of any frequency can injure the human psyche.

As for loudness, our hearing is designed for the normal perception of sounds at 55-60 decibels. The sound is equal to 70 decibels is considered loud. In stadiums where there are rock concerts, the commonly used equipment with a capacity of 120-160 decibels. Due to such a sound, the body releases adrenaline. If you are in a place like this for a long time, the release of adrenaline won’t stop. An overabundance of this hormone leads to the fact that the parts of the information begin to “wear off”. Thus, a person can deteriorate. The impact of music on human intelligence is not always positive.

On this basis, scientists have conducted some research and here’s what they showed. The influence of rock music on people can cause:

  • aggressiveness;
  • anger;
  • headache;
  • rage;
  • fear;
  • stress;
  • depression;
  • a tendency to suicide.

Of course, the person who from time to time listens to rock music, not necessarily to mention all the symptoms listed above. In the presence of any of these us signs of emotional stress, consult a therapist.

Based on the above, you can adjust or change their musical preferences

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