The sound of music, the brain comes to life

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Scientists have long been trying to find a way to treat patients with various diseases with the help of…music. A new study by American scientists is dedicated to the therapeutic effect of harmonious sounds on patients with neurological disorders. Music can be called a cure without drugs, experts say.

Scientists know that music can improve memory, social behavior and communication in patients with serious disorders of the brain. However, how that music has a beneficial effect on the brain, experts are not sure. A new study of monkeys suggests that the human ability to perceive music may, due to the ability of animals to communicate with each other through vocalizations of their emotions. Because the person’s speech, attention of scientists, also has much in common with the sounds that animals produce. For example, human speech and animal vocalizations contain the same types of tones, which are called “complex tones”.

Researchers from the Medical center at Georgetown University, USA, examined brain activity in the auditory area of the cerebral cortex of monkeys. They found that brain cells called neurons are “tuned” into certain frequencies of harmonic sounds inherent in music.

“Understanding the neural mechanism of music effects on primates, are not people who will contribute to a deeper penetration into the problem of music perception, the human nervous system, – said study co-author Yuki Kikuchi (Kikuchi Yuki), research fellow, Department of physiology and biochemistry at Georgetown University. – This will determine the neurobiological outline, which will help to understand the essence of the effectiveness of the therapeutic effects of music on patients with neurological disorders”.

The results of the work, which was sponsored by a grant from the National Institute of health, USA, was presented at the annual conference of the Neurological community in Chicago.

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