Music can cause headaches in teenagers?

Teenagers listen to music more hours a day were also more young people suffer from headaches, say researchers from Germany. As for computer games, cell phones, or watching TV, these relationships were not found.

German scientists came to the conclusion that teenagers who listen to music more than one hour a day, more often complain of a headache. In their work, the experts compared the habits of 1025 teenagers aged 13-17 years. 489 teenagers said that they suffer from headaches, while 536 were told that they have no such problem.

Experts previously warned that the hearing adolescent is at high risk due to the constant listening of music via digital media players. However, the relationship between the use of music players (and mobile phones and computers) and the occurrence of headaches and migraines has been known for quite awhile.

The analysis of the experts came to the conclusion that listening to music 1-2 hours per day directly related to the emergence of complaints of headache. Author Astrid Milde-Busch (Astrid Milde-Busch) from the University of Munich, is confident that this work should have done long ago. “All the studies which investigated the causes of headache, showed mixed results depending on the media, especially it concerned computer games, which are headache know nothing,” she said.

However, scientists admit that they failed to prove a causal link between listening to music and the occurrence of headaches in adolescents. “We can’t exactly say whether the habit of listening to music cause frequent headaches, or the consequence (teenagers can use the music for a kind of therapy and relaxation),” said Milde-Busch. The relationship between the use of mobile phones, addiction to computer games or watching television, and headaches, scientists have found.

The results were published in the journal BMC Neurology.

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